Warehouse space is like a commodity? Yes! That's Afrigility. We provide access to scalable tech-driven warehousing space as and when you need it, in Africa's logistical hotspots for the duration you require. Gain access to real-time inventory and order information with our advanced software and network of warehouses.

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 We provide access to fulfillment services and warehouse space as and when you need it
Your Supply Chain Can Do Better

Afrigility specializes in making supply chain connections for brands looking to break into the African market . With our network of connected warehouses, products can be placed and managed closer to your customers, thus enhancing their customer experience and supporting same day delivery

Warehouse Management System Kenya, Africa

With a real-time central platform that processes orders and manages inventory in your chosen fulfillment center, Afrigility gives you complete visibility over your inventory, fulfillment operations, and lets you tackle the market with confidence

Afrigility provides hassle-free, scalable and tech-driven warehousing and distribution. We help you grow by delivering exactly what your clients want, when and where they want it saving you time, money and offering great experience for your customers.
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How it Works
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Why Us?

Why work with us?

We have a network of warehouses and with our logistics partners, we are able to directly reach your Customers or end Consumers and Sellers all over Africa.  If you need to streamline, your warehousing, and third-party logistics, improve customer service, reduce expenses and optimize your supply chain, Afrigility is here to help.

  • A large Network of warehouses across the country
    No Long Term Leases
  • Short Term Storage Available
  • Fulfillment(Pick, Pack and Deliver) to your end customers
  • No Minimum Space Required
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We will help you find and run fulfillment in your warehouse
 We provide access to fulfillment services and warehouse space through technological integrations


Integrate your platform with our network of warehouses

You need an accurate idea of your inventory and to have that synced across your marketplaces/platforms. You need to know when stock is getting low, be able to replenish, and let us know what's headed to us. Keep tabs on your SKUs, from availability, allocated orders, purchase orders, dimensions to bundles (kits), customer information, and pick locations. Know your inventories every move, what was shipped, moved, received, and returned. Each inventory adjustment is tracked, so you know who did what, when, and why.

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The People Behind Afrigility


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Who Is Afrigility?

We are a team of experts in real estate, warehousing, logistics operations and technology sectors looking to support the trade ecosystem in Africa. We support great African entrepreneurs like you in finding affordable access to fulfilment & warehouse storage space in Africa's logistics hotspots, when and where you need it. We are a one-stop-shop for meeting your warehousing, logistics and fulfilment needs.

Why Should I use Afrigility?

Afrigility is the first online platform offering choices of warehouse space in Africa: The Afrigility online platform offers a solution for the companies that are looking for a short-term warehouse space, based on the space and the duration they require instead of the fixed rental and operation cost.

How Does Afrigility Work?

Afrigility is an online Marketplace that brings together companies searching for short-term warehousing space (including temperature controlled and refrigerated storage) and warehouse owners looking to lease their empty space to provide such services. .

How Short is Short Term?

We can assist you in locating a warehouse: If you are in the Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics or you are setting up an e-commerce business, Afrigility can find the warehouse space for a minimum of one month. It does not have to be right now. You can contact us now for your future warehouse requirements. You only need to set the date and duration.