"I struggled with accurately managing and having visibility of my inventory until I signed up with Afrigility. I recently expanded my business outside town and I can now monitor my operations and Inventory from Nanyuki. Thank You George and Team"
Afrigility Warehousing Customer
Duncan Masinde
Cofounder, Machuja
Inventory Overflow warehouse


When you’re faced with a stack that rises above your abilities despite your ability to track product seasonality, the burden of maintaining all of this additional product becomes unbearable. At Afrigility we completely remove the hustle of time consuming search for a new warehouse because we’ll do handle it for you

Fulfillment In Africa


At Afrigility, we use our software solution across our warehousing network for a standard real-time experience. Your orders will be automatically sent to our warehouses, where your inventory is picked, packed, and dispatched to your customers.

Retail Distribution Newtwork

Retail Distribution

With Afrigility, you can quickly become one of the new disruptive retail brands that are Shortening last-mile for retail distribution by storing your goods closer to your customers. With us you can always find the best warehouses Africa in the right time and place and save time and money.

Logistics In Africa


Our service don't just end at matching with the right warehousing space you need at your desired location. No. Afrigility is  one-stop-shop for all your warehouse and fulfillment needs. Whether your serve B2B or B2C, we support you with our logistics network. From order picking and packing, warehouse management, your product distribution, returns and cross-docking. We support you end to end.

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